Oudh & Green Tea Body Mist , 150ml

₹ 399.00
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  • Oudh & Green Tea Body Mist touches your soul with its warm, musky & refreshing notes.

    Recommended Use: Every day, post-bath.

    This Body Mist contains :

    Hand-picked ingredients
    Soothing & soulful aroma
    Naturally derived grain alcohol
    Fresh, crisp & intoxicating scent
    1. AYURVEDIC BODY MIST: Adieu to nasty odors with the refreshing T.A.C Oudh & Green Tea Body Mist. Use it as a post-shower regimen on damp skin to get an alluring aroma that lasts long for up to four hours.
    2. SOOTHING BODY MIST: Antioxidant-rich Aloe Vera in body mist soothes skin, keeps it hydrated, nourished, and refreshed while calming your senses.
    3. REDUCES DARK PATCHES: The cooling and refreshing Green Tea Extract in body mist helps restore natural skin color keeping them smooth and even-textured.
    4. SENSUOUS FRAGRANCE: This body mist comes with an Ayurvedic Oudh and Green Tea formulation. The hand-picked ingredients, when blended, deliver a warm and musky aroma.
    5. PARABEN-FREE: This is made with AYUSH-approved ayurvedic formulations. It is free from all harmful chemicals like parabens, minerals, etc. It is effective and completely safe for all skin types.
    6. CHOOSE AYURVEDA, CHOOSE T.A.C - Ayurveda is Safe, Effective, Long Lasting, Holistic, and, Kind to the World & You. T.A.C products are proudly Made in India (Swadeshi) and carry the rich Ayurvedic heritage of India.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 92 reviews
    Somesh Kamala

    I absolutely adore this product. I have bought 2 bottles already. If you don't want as intense fragrance as perfume but you don't want to use a body press either this the exactly right product for you.

    Shushila Islam

    The fragrance is quite amazing . I personally love it and now it's my signature scent

    Nayan Sadat

    It's only slightly costlier than a body spray but it smells way better than a spray & it will definitely stay for longer. Since it's a lot cheaper than a perfume but almost smells as nice as perfume I would recommend this to everyone.

    Naushad Swaroop

    For such a lovely fragrance the price rate is very low. More over one bottle will last you for a long time even if you use it on daily bases as I have been ever since I purchased my first bottle

    Paryanka Chawriya
    Not a perfume

    Just remember it's a body mist and not a perfume . So you won't go around spreading the fragrance wherever you go but Someone hugging you would definitely smell it

    Oudh & Green Tea Body Mist
    ₹ 399.00
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