My Hair is?

Rough / Frizzy

Smooth, Shining and Silky

Oily Hair

My scalp is?


Normal / Moderate

Oily / Sticky Scalp

My Naural Hair Colour is?


Light & Brownish

Jet Black & Dark

I have the following hair issues?

Flakiness, Split ends & Breakage

Premature greying, Hairfall and Prone to boils

Dandruff, itching & prone to infections

My Sleep Pattern is?

Short and Disturbed

Balanced and Moderate

Deep and Long

My Bowel Movement is?

Prone to constipation / hard stools

Prone to loose bowels/ semi solid stools

Well formed and regular bowel movements

My Body Frame is?




I am best described as?

Creative and indecisive

Organised and Goal oriented

Stable & Balanced

My Digestion is?

Irregular with small appetite

Quick with high appetite

Slow & moderate appetite

My Emotional Traits are?

Overthinking & Anxiety

Anger & Over-analysis

Calm & Easy going

My Energy Levels are?

Usually high but gets tired easily

Always high and optimised

Regulated and steady

My Memory is?

Good short term but forgets easily

Sharp and quick with precision

Slow to grasp but good in long term

My Weight?

Difficult to Gain But Loses Weight Easily

Gains and Loses Easily

Gains Easily But Difficult to Loose Weight