Immunity Boosting Ayurvedic Kadha , 200g

Natural Vitamin C & Plant Derived Zinc Immunity Boosting Kadha

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Our body's immune system is the natural defence mechanism against viral infections. To quickly defend against the same, it is essential to strengthen the immunity. Ayurveda gives the solution to it with herb-infused kadha. Immunity booster kadha is a decoction of 11 herbs & spices of Ayurveda that helps the body strengthen immunity, keep us active, refreshed & relieve mental stress. This Vitamin C kadha has naturally sourced Zinc extracts (Yashtimadhu) that works as the daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

The Pandemic has taught us that improving our immune system is extremely important. People are now returning to their roots and have started including natural ingredients in their diet. Kadha or Herbal Tea is one of the best drinks including many Ayurvedic Elements. Therefore, TAC brings you Immunity Boosting Kadha, infused with the goodness of Vitamin C & Zinc. Daily consumption of herbal tea has many benefits. So, let us look at some of the key benefits of this product.

  • Effective against cold, seasonal flu, and cough
  • Reduces the risk of all types of diseases
  • Kadha is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiallergic
  • Effective for fever and sore throat
  • Improves overall immunity and skin quality

Know Your Product

Minimize the risk of viral infections with TAC’s Immunity Boosting Kadha. Infused with Ayurvedic Elements, this Kadha helps in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. It is made with eleven handpicked herbs & spices which detoxify the body and relieve you from stress. Vitamin C and Zinc supply the daily dose of Vitamins and Minerals in our body. It helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases and boosts overall immunity. Zinc is found in the body which helps in metabolism function. This product also includes Giloy which is effective in removing toxins from the body. It purifies the blood and fights bacteria. This Kadha is infused with all such natural ingredients that will protect your body from various diseases. So, get a daily dose of immunity with this Ayurvedic Kadha.


Daily Dose of Zinc & Vitamin C

With this Ayurvedic Kadha, you get a daily dose of Zinc and Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in protecting your body against chronic diseases and Zinc helps in strengthening the metabolism. So, for overall health, this herbal tea is essential.

Ministry of Ayush Approved Formulation

This product has been formulated by the Ministry of Ayush. It has been proved that this Kadha can be effectively used for various bodily problems. Therefore, the Ministry of Ayush has recommended this Kadha during the pandemic for overall immunity.

Boosts Immunity Power

Kadha has been proven to increase immunity for years. This Kadha is infused with herbal elements which will work positively on your body and will help you in getting rid of infections.

Key Ingredients


Gives you glamorous, bold stain with long-lasting application.


Its moisturizing properties help in soothing and preventing chapped skin.


Locks in moisture and adds a glossy, smooth texture to lips and cheeks.


Yashad Bhasma

Keeps your skin nourished and imparts a rejuvenating, glowing look.


Makes your lips soft, plump and helps in the generation of new skin cells.


Ingredients Type Where Is It From? How It Helps?
Giloy Natural Plant-Based Reduces the symptoms of life-threatening fevers like dengue, malaria, swine flu, etc.
Amla Natural Animal-Based Enhances kidney health, liver health, and heart health.
Ashwagandha Natural Plant-based Helps in lowering the blood pressure and balances your overall health.
Tulsi Natural Plant-Based Heals infections and purifies the blood.
Yashad Bhasma Natural Plant-Based Heals many disorders like Anemia, ophthalmic problems, cough, etc.
Lavang Natural Plant-Based Helps in protecting against cancers.
Yashtimadhu Natural Plant-Based Soothes digestive ailments and helps in weight loss
Dalchini Natural Water It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
Kali Mirch Natural Plant-Based Beneficial for cough and other respiratory problems.
Elaichi Powder Natural Plant-Based Treats ulcers, cancer, and other chronic diseases.
Sunthi Natural Plant-Based Relieves the body from pain and inflammation.

TAC VS Others


  • Heals chronic ailments
  • Boosts overall immunity
  • Formulated by the Ministry of Ayush
  • Infused with Herbal Ingredients
  • Cures viral infections like cough, flu, cold


  • Does not heal chronic ailments
  • Does not boost overall immunity
  • Others are not formulated by the Ministry of Ayush
  • Does not have herbal ingredients
  • Does not cure viral infections

How to Use

Add one teaspoon of Kadha into 150 ml of boiling water

Stir and add jaggery or lemon.

Strain and drink this herbal tea.


  1. When should this Kadha be taken?
    You can consume this Kadha anytime. But early morning or evening is the best time to have this herbal tea. Infused with natural ingredients, this Kadha will heal your body from several infections and disorders.
  2. How many times should I drink this Kadha?
    Have Kadha once a day to boost your immune system. It refines the body, energizes and also helps in keeping metabolism active.
  3. Can I drink Kadha on an empty stomach?
    Yes, you can. You can drink this Kadha early in the morning on an empty stomach to detoxify your body and improve overall health. It includes herbal ingredients that will purify your blood and heal you from various infections.
  4. What are the benefits of drinking Kadha?
    In order to reduce the risk of all types of immunity compromising infections, Kadha is necessary. It improves the antioxidants of the body. It heals the body from various problems and boosts overall immunity. Kadha has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties that benefit the body in various ways.
  5. Does Kadha reduce weight?
    Kadha is said to improve digestion. Good digestion means that all the toxins from the body are flushed out. Thus, consuming Kadha might lead to weight loss. 

About Us

In a world full of extremities – brands claiming all Ayurveda on one hand & Derma on the other, TAC aims to achieve the right balance of sustainable and effective Beauty & Wellness. It appreciates the legacy of Ayurveda without negating the advancements modern science has made. Product formulations arrived out of rare & ancient herbs like Amla and Ashwagandha are combined with state-of-the-art solutions like Giloy and Clove to make Ayurveda relevant and suited to the modern-day – formulations that are effective, fuss-free & great to experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Giriraj Sangeeta

very helpful in building immunity, curing cough,cold and respiratory problems

Shaturughyan Kuril

improves Metabolic rate, and also improving in Digestion.This strengthening immune system of body.

Jasvant Aikka

very good source for increasing immunity. It's prepares from all natural ingredients

Lakshaya Kailash

To improve the imunity of body this kadha must be taken regularly, with this current situation I'm using it regularly

Shifali Jacob

This kadha also provide relief me from cold, cough and other respiratory problem. All my family members are taking this kadha daily.

Immunity Boosting Ayurvedic Kadha
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