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According to Ayurveda:

The ancient science of life, the world constitutes of five elements that are present in every cell, every tissue and every organ in our body.

What are my Dominant Elements?

The combination of these elements results in three doshas known as Vata, Kapha, and Pitta.


Governs body movement

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Governs your digestion

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Governs your body structure

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The unique combination of your doshas is called your Prakriti. The balance of your doshas govern your physiological, mental, and emotional health. Any imbalance in these is called your Vikriti.


• Healthy bowel function
• Good sleep cycle
• Healthy metabolism
• Energy
• Emotional well-being
• Clear and healthy Skin


• Irregular Bowel Function
• Weight fluctuation
• Acne
• Excessive dryness
• Dark Spots
• Premature Aging

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