Whitening Underarm Roll On Serum , 50ml

Refreshing & Smooth Skin Underarm Roll On With Lemon & Alum

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Get brighter-looking under arms with every application of this serum-based roll-on infused with Lemon, Alum (Fitkari) & Aloe Vera. This Ayurvedic formula maintains your skin's pH balance, soothes irritation & provides long-lasting freshness by removing odour. Liquorice & orange extract improves the colour & texture of your under arms.

Recommended Use: Post-shower, every day.

Regular Use:

- Lightens dark, pigmented under arms
- Provides long-lasting freshness
- Makes skin smooth & toned
- Soothes irritation & removes odour

Customer Reviews

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Chameli U

I just bought the product first time and have been using many products to remove the dark patches but did not get any resolution previously. After using this product for 1 week it just surprised me . The product is so good my dark patches are getting removed and now underarm area is so much clear and also there is no problem in my skin after using it as my skin is very sensitive.

Narayan Suyal

Very helpful and amazing product ever..

Parsi Vishnaw
The Ultimate product

�It soothes the skin so well . I am really happy after using this product and it is the ultimate product for lightening your underarm skin, trust me this product works really good. Also the fragrance is very nice.

Chandrram Paswan

It gives natural brightening.Treat dark spot and pigmentation.Helps in improving the skin texture. Overall very helpful product ever.Must buy.

Satan Madina

It is a good serum. Has good fragrance, texture, and is not at all sticky. Good for sensitive skin for depigmentaion

Whitening Underarm Roll On Serum
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