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    Your lips are formed of incredibly thin skin, which is why they become flaky and so prone to dryness. Lip butter is a creamy solution that soothes the dry layers of the lips and shields them when you confront extra wind, cold and sunlight. Lip butter helps decrease the irritation induced by chapped lips and effectively repairs the lip tissue. TAC brings you Indian Rose Lip Butter to keep your lip moisturised and make it seem plumper for the whole day, Before proceeding any further, let us look at the key benefits of this product.

    • Heals chapped lips faster.
    • Gives you plump and hydrated lips.
    • Contains SPF to protect your lips from harmful UV rays.
    • Restores your lip’s natural pink colour.
    • Revitalises lips for a more youthful glow.

    Know Your Product

    Experience the goodness of rose with TAC’s Indian Rose Lip Butter. The natural ingredients infused in the product will help heal dull and chapped lips. Ayurvedic elements like Rose Essential Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, etc., will hydrate your lips, making them plump and healthy. Cocoa Butter creates a protective layer that prevents bacteria and other outside elements from harming the lips. The essential oils help in restoring the moisture and natural color of the lips. The lip butter is dermatologically tested and is safe to use. It is suitable for all skin types. Get your hands on this product for soft, smooth, and healthy lips.


    Intense Hydration:

    Indian Rose Lip Butter by TAC product is infused with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter which provides intense hydration to your lips. Shea Butter helps in softening the lips, while Cocoa Butters protects and deeply nourishes the lips.

    Brightening & Lightening:

    This lip balm has Coconut Oil which helps in brightening and lightening the lip color. It is easily absorbed in the lips and heals the cuts and wounds. Coconut oil is an excellent ingredient to cure dark lips.

    Enhances Natural Lip Color:

    Rose is the hero ingredient that works like magic on your lips. It gives a natural tint and helps you in getting rid of dry lips. Rose also works as a lip-lightening agent that reduces pigmentation and dead skin cells from lips.

    Key Ingredients

    Rose Essential Oil

    Rose is a natural ingredient that heals dry and chapped lips. It soothes your lips and cures the chapped skin, and improves overall lip texture.

    Shea Butter

    It has anti-aging benefits & helps in getting rid of dead skin cells. It replenishes & pampers the skin.

    Candelilla Wax

    It promotes cell regeneration and rejuvenation that cures your lip from within. It is an excellent ingredient that moisturizes and nourishes your lips.



    As a hydrating ingredient, it adds a protective layer around the lips to deeply nourish them. It restores the skin and has many healing abilities.

    Rose Petals:

    It helps in softening and lightening the lips naturally. Rose petals help in repairing dark and patchy lips.


    Ingredients Type Source Purpose
    Rose Essential Oil Natural Plant-Based Heals dry and chapped lips, thereby improving lip texture
    Rose Petal Natural Plant-Based Softens and lightens the lips naturally
    Cocoa Butter Natural Plant-Based Protects lips from drying
    Shea Butter Natural Plant-Based Softens the lips
    Candelilla Wax Natural Plant-Based Helps in cell regeneration
    Coconut Oil Natural Plant-Based Hydrates and calms temporary redness on lips
    Sunflower Oil Natural Plant-Based Has anti-inflammatory properties
    Castor Oil Natural Plant-Based Moisturizes and promotes overall skin health
    Vitamin E Natural Semi-Synthetic Helps in reducing UV damage on skin

    TAC VS Others


    • Moisturizes and deeply nourishes the lips.
    • Dermatologically tested.
    • Does not contain any harmful chemicals.
    • Suitable for all skin types.
    • Heal cuts on wounded lips.


    • Do not moisturize enough or nourish the lips.
    • Not tested dermatologically.
    • Contains harmful chemicals.
    • Not suitable for all skin types.
    • Does not promote healthy lip skin Does not heal cuts or bruises.

    How to Use

    Take the required amount of lip butter on clean fingertip.

    Apply all across your lips & gently massage for moisturised lips.

    Reapply within 3-4 hours for constant moisturisation.


    1. Does this Lip Balm have petroleum jelly in it?
      Yes, you can use this product as a lip balm whenever required.No. This lip balm is all-natural, infused with plant-based essential oils & organic butters that will deeply nourish your lips. Rose is a natural ingredient that hydrates dry and chapped lips, making them soft and supple.
    2. Does this lip balm have any side effects?
      No, this lip balm is dermatologically tested and it does not have any chemicals. It is infused with Ayurvedic elements and is suitable for all skin types
    3. Does TAC’s Indian Rose Lip Butter cause irritation?
      No, this lip balm does not have any harmful chemicals like parabens, silicones, or SLS. It is safe to use and can be used by anyone. 
    4. How many times a day should I use this lip balm?
      Wash your face off with a mild, chemical-free cleanser. You can also use makeup remover wipes or cotton pads. Use this lip balm whenever you need to nourish your lips. It will help in cell regeneration and protect your lips from damage. Follow the regime mentioned above for the same.
    5. How long will it take for the lip balm to show results?
      The results can be seen instantly. Apply the lip butter on dry and chapped lips, and reapply when needed. This lip balm has Rose Essential Oil and Rose Petals that will help in nourishing and hydrating your lips.
    6. Can Men use it?
      Yes, it can be used by both men and women. It helps in restoring the natural color of the lips. Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter forms a hydrating layer on the lips that heals the cuts caused due to dryness.
    7. Will it brighten my Lips?
      Infused with natural indian rose extracts, this lip butter helps in brightening the lips. It also has Coconut Oil that is easily absorbed in the lips, thereby healing the wounds. Both Rose and Coconut oil have softening and lightening properties.
    8. Can I apply this lip balm overnight?
      Yes, you can. You can apply this lip balm overnight to hydrate and nourish your lips. This lip balm will heal your dry and chapped lips overnight. Use this lip balm every day and at night to get soft, and smooth lips. 

    About Us

    In a world full of extremities – brands claiming all Ayurveda on one hand & Derma on the other, TAC aims to achieve the right balance of sustainable and effective Beauty & Wellness. It appreciates the legacy of Ayurveda without negating the advancements modern science has made. Product formulations arrived out of rare & ancient herbs like Rose Essential Oil and Rose Petals are combined with state-of-the-art solutions like Shea Butter and Cocoa to make Ayurveda relevant and suited to the modern-day – formulations that are effective, fuss-free & great to experience.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 190 reviews
    Dr kamal Singhania
    A soft gentle balm

    A very good moisturizing balm

    I have used many other balms it as one of the best balms among them.

    Will recommend this to my friends also

    Revathi Kumar
    Amazing texture

    Feels good to apply, keep your lips hydrated and shiny!!


    I am reviewing after 10 days of using it. Best lipbam I am ever used. Continuous application of matt lipsticks my lips gone black. But this product is lighting it.

    Japneet Kaur
    Lip balm

    It is very good, makes your lips soft 💙

    Prabeer Biswas

    The lip butter is really good and hydrating. It does not give a sticky feeling on the lips and gives a nuce baby pinkish color. It smells of roses and a small quantity is required to keep the lips hydrated.

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