2% Natural AHA BHA, 1% Natural Salicylic Acid Skin Peeling Facial Serum, 30ml

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Potato Starch & Tomato Extracts with plant-derived AHA & BHA Serum unleash radiant & dewy skin underneath by gently removing the dead skin cells on the top layer. Regular use hydrates, promotes elasticity & provides gentle exfoliation. It also heals the skin & deeply cleanses clogged pores.

Unleash the radiance and dewiness of your skin with the AHA BHA serum formulated with Potato Starch & Tomato Extracts. When you have troubles such as dull skin tone, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles or acne, consider this serum as your hidden weapon. Everyday dead-cell build ups on your skin can be easily tackled by regular use of an Ayurvedic serum. Moreover, the serum lets your skin get hydrated deeply, encourages skin elasticity, and contributes to gentle exfoliation.

  • Unclogs skin pores, removes toxins & grimes
  • Buffs off dead skin cells naturally
  • De-pigments your skin and lightens the complexion with potato starch extracts
  • Gets rid of free radicals in the skin with antioxidants present in the tomato extract
  • Brightens the skin and gives a natural glow

Know Your Product

Do you have enlarged skin pores that make your skin look patchy and dull? Or dark spots that you want to get rid of? If yes, it’s time to get rid of the spots and minimize visible pores for supple & even skin. The AHA & BHA serum seals the pores and binds the cell gaps after cleansing and diminishes the build-up of impurities and pollution of the skin. The serum has ingredients like Potato Starch, Tomato Extract, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Mandelic Acid, and Witch Hazel. They’ll help in nourishment, obtaining skin elasticity, performing exfoliation, and reducing blemishes. Moreover, the serum is absolutely organic and skin-friendly. It’s free from paraben, chemicals, and minerals. No ingredient in the serum is derived or tested on animals. Besides, it’s good for hydrating your skin. It’s the most efficient organic choice product if you need a radiant, dewy, glowing, smooth, clear, and firm skin.


Helps Boost Radiance and Sheen

Potato starch nourishes the skin and restores natural skin tone. Moreover, turmeric in the serum, is a natural anti-inflammatory, that helps control acne, early signs of aging, and brings glow to one’s face.

Aids Fade Dark Spots & Blemishes

Glycolic acid heals the skin and helps diminish acne scars, dark spots, and blemishes.

Provides Hydrated and Supple Skin

The tomato extracts tighten the pores, shields against UV damage and adds moisture to your skin. Additionally, Salicylic acid balances skin oils and controls acne, adding firmness to your appearance.

Key Ingredients

Potato Starch

It nourishes the skin and restores natural skin tone.

Tomato Extract

It helps in tightening the pores and firming the skin.

Glycolic Acid

It aids in balancing skin oils and controlling acne formation.


Salicylic Acid

It heals the skin and reduces acne scars.

Witch Hazel

It relieves inflammation, evens skin tone, and controls excess oil of the skin.


Ingredients Type Where Is It From? How It Helps?
Potato Starch Natural Plant-Based Nourishes the skin and restores natural skin tone
Aqua Natural Water Diluent
Tomato Extract Natural Plant-based helps in tightening the pores and firming the skin
Aloe Vera Juice Natural Plant-Based Heals and softens the skin
Salicylic Acid Natural Plant-Based heals the skin and reduces acne scars
Glycolic Acid Natural Plant-Based balances skin oils and control acne formation
Witch Hazel Natural Plant-Based Relieves from inflammation, evens skin tone, and controls excess oil of the skin.
Turmeric Extract Natural Plant-Based Promotes skin rejuvenation and glow
Neem Extract Natural Plant-Based Reduces melanin production of the skin
Rose Water Natural Plant-Based balances skin's natural oils
Hyaluronic Acid Natural Plant-based Attracts moisture to the skin's surface
Hibiscus Extract Natural Plant-Based Supports your body's natural collagen production
Holy Basil Extract Natural Plant-Based Prevents signs of anti-ageing
Ivy Gourd Extract Natural Plant-Based Skin-healing properties
Red Seaweeds Natural Plant-Based Clarifies and cleans the skin
Sodium Gluconate Natural Plant-Based Moisturising properties
Dehydroxanthan Gum Natural Plant-Based Skin conditioning agent

TAC VS Others


  • Calms hyper-pigmentation.
  • Has a lightweight formula with fast absorption.
  • 100% organic


  • Do not reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • Others may get greasy and won’t absorb fast.
  • Other serums have harmful chemicals.

How to Use

Take 2 drops of serum on your fingertips and apply dots to your face and neck

Dab and gently massage in an upwards, outwards, circular motion until it’s fully absorbed. 

Wash it off after 10-15 minutes.


  1. How is a facial Serum different from a Toner?
    A serum has natural ingredients with benefits for treatment of the skin concern, deep moisturisation and long-lasting impact. Whereas, toner maintains the skin's pH level and is waterlike in texture.
  2. Are there any mix of preservatives in this serum?
    No, this product contains natural ingredients that will have an actual impact on the skin.
  3. Is this serum suitable for dry skin?
    Yes, this serum is suitable for all skin types. Apply it twice a day after cleansing your face for best results.
  4. Will this serum make my skin oily?
    No, this is a water-based serum & absorb quickly into your skin and does not feel oily or greasy.
  5. Do I need to wash off this serum afterwards?
    Yes, it needs to be washed off. Post-application, wait for 10-15 minutes and let the serum work beneath your skin layers. Later, wash it off and enjoy the benefits.
  6. Can Men use this serum?
    Yes, men and women can apply this serum to reduce tan, blemishes, and acne.
  7. Is it safe to use on Sensitive Skin?
    If your skin is really dry and sensitive, gradually increase your usage of the serum to daily, to prevent irritating your skin.
  8. Will it help with dullness & blemishes?
    Yes, this serum has Turmeric that is a very powerful ingredient to remove dullness, tanning & boost brightness. Moreover, potato starch nourishes the skin and restores natural skin tone.

About Us

In a world full of extremities – brands claiming all Ayurveda on one hand & Derma on the other, TAC aims to achieve the right balance of sustainable and effective Beauty & Wellness. It appreciates the legacy of Ayurveda without negating the advancements modern science has made. Product formulations arrived out of rare & ancient herbs like Witch hazel, turmeric and hibiscus are combined with state of the art solutions like Salicylic Acid and Mandelic Acid to make Ayurveda relevant and suited to the modern-day – formulations that are effective fuss-free & great to experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Tapash roy
Outstanding performance

For best result 60 days use.great product.

Bhaggo Regni

this one has been my personal favourite.

Tahira Kaushar

I can notice my blackheads diminishing slowly and gradually.

Ragina Ushama

All those tiny bumps that I had on my face has magically vanished after the very first use.

Kamjeet Hasan

This was my first time with direct acids and I've not experienced any kind of discomfort or irritation on my skin.

2% Natural AHA BHA, 1% Natural Salicylic Acid Skin Peeling Facial Serum, 30ml
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