Methi Bhringraj Amla Hair Mask

Ayurvedic Hair Growth Mask with Natural Keratin for Frizzy Hair

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    The divine care for your hair with this all-new Ayurvedic Methi Bhringraj Amla Mask that not just helps in stimulating growth of hair but also has capacities to act as a natural deodorant giving a soft smell and removing dry sweaty hair follicles. Ayurvedic Bhringraj is renowned for its anti-dandruff capacities helping to remove damaged hair and thereby removing dandruff particles from hair roots. It helps in making the hair roots stronger and building more strength in the hair follicles. It helps in proper growth of hair, removing baldness and reducing hair fall. To get a natural shiny look for your hair, get your hands on Methi Bhringraj Amla Mask for removing itchiness from hair and resulting in a smooth and nourished hair.

    Keep your tresses strong and healthy with TAC Methi, Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask. This ayurvedic hair mask promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall simultaneously. It gives your hair adequate hydration and nourishment to improve its quality.

    • Stimulates  hair growth by improving blood circulation
    • Strengthens the roots to reduce hair fall
    • Takes away the frizz and gives smooth tresses
    • Restore the natural thickness of your hair
    • Imparts strength and longevity

    Know Your Product

    From diet to dryness to stress, anything can damage your hair leading to unwanted hair breakage and hair loss. TAC Methi, Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask is an organic hair mask that moisturizes and rejuvenates your hair. The 100% natural ingredients like Methi, Bhringraj & Amla makes it an ideal hair mask for hair growth. This ayurvedic hair pack with natural keratin provides your hair with the nourishment it requires to grow optimally. The Methi hair mask promotes blood circulation in your scalp which is essential for the healthy growth of the hair. A healthy scalp also ensures less irritation, less dullness and less hair loss. Bhirngraj is associated with treating dryness and dandruff in hair. This Bhringraj Amla Hair Mask not only eliminates dandruff from the scalp but also strengthens the roots. It removes the greasiness, deodorizes the hair, and makes your hair long, smooth and shiny. Over and above all of that, you can have less frizz and tangle-free hair by using this hair mask for frizzy hair. So, if you want thick, nourished and healthy hair, you must include TAC Methi, Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask in your daily hair care routine.


    Promotes hair growth

    The advanced ayurvedic formula of TAC Methi, Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask promotes hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles. Natural ingredients like Methi and Bhringraj reaches the roots and makes your hair stronger. It replenishes the scalp with all the essential nutrients to support faster hair growth and lesser hair loss.

    Treats dull and frizzy hair

    Hair damage often makes your hair dull and frizzy. TAC ayurvedic hair mask moisturizes your hair and gives you tangle-free hair. It deals with the unwanted greasiness and restores the lost shine and thickness to your hair making it more lustrous.

    Natural hair care

    Made with natural ingredients, this hair mask is the best hair mask for dandruff and hair fall. It contains no added colours, mineral oils, fragrances or parabens. It gives your hair deep nourishment without further damaging it with harmful chemicals.

    Key Ingredients


    Methi stimulates faster hair growth by improving scalp health.


    Bhringraj treats issues like dandruff and baldness and reduces hair loss.

    Hydrolyzed Keratin

    Keratin helps to repair damaged hair and makes it look less frizzy.


    Lotus oil

    When applied topically to the scalp, the iron in lotus flower oil increases blood flow, nourishes and moisturises your hair.

    Soy Protein

    There are beneficial fats and minerals in soy protein that improve hair texture, strengthen it and repair damage.


    Ingredients Type Source Purpose
    Aqua Natural Water Diluent
    Aloe Vera Extract Natural Plant-Based Moisturizing and Skin-soothing
    Almond Oil Natural Plant-Based Hair-growth and Hair-strength
    Sesame Oil Natural Plant-Based Hair-strengthening
    Olive Oil Natural Plant-Based Hair-softening and Hair-strengthening
    Methi Seed Natural Plant-Based Hair-smoothening and anti-dandruff
    Neem Extract Natural Plant-Based Conditioning and anti-dandruff
    Lotus Oil Natural Plant-Based Scalp health
    Methi Oil Natural Plant-Based Hair-smoothening and anti-dandruff
    Bhringraj Oil Natural Plant-Based Hair-growth and anti-dandruff
    Basil Extract Natural Plant-Based Scalp health and hair growth
    Green Tea Extract Natural Plant-Based Hair growth and anti-dandruff
    Bhringraj Extract Natural Plant-Based Hair-growth and anti-dandruff

    TAC VS Others

    TAC Methi Mask

    • Made with all organic ingredients
    • Effective against hair loss
    • Promotes strong, smooth and less frizzy hair
    • Repairs damaged hair and stimulates hair growth
    • Treats dandruff and dryness


    • Have added colours, chemicals and parabens
    • Do not work on hair loss
    • Gives brittle and frizzy hair
    • Do not support hair growth
    • Not effective against dandruff and dryness

    How to Use

    Take a generous amount of TAC Methi, Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask and apply on scalp & hair.

    Give it a massage for 5 minutes for deep conditioning.

    Wash it off with lukewarm water for normal and dry hair


    1. Will this mask reduce my hair fall?
      Yes. Packed with Methi, Bhringraj and Amla, TAC Hair Mask effectively reduces hair fall and supports hair growth.
    2. What makes this mask ayurvedic?
      The all-natural ingredients of TAC Hair Mask like Methi, Bhringraj & Amla make it the best ayurvedic hair mask after shampoo.
    3. My hair has a lot of heat damage, will my hair benefit from using this mask?
      The hydrolyzed keratin in TAC Methi, Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask helps it to repair and treat hair damage from heat.
    4. Can I leave the mask on through the night?
      TAC hair mask is made with all organic ingredients so it will not damage your hair if left overnight.
    5. What Are The Benefits Of TAC Methi Bhringraj Amla Hair Mask?
      Bhringraj, Amla hair mask with Bhringraj and Amla nourishes your hair and helps in new hair growth. It also treats baldness and dandruff while offerin g natural shine.
    6. What Are Side Effects Of Methi Bhringraj Amla Hair Mask ?
      Methi hair mask with Bhringraj and Amla has 100% natural ingredients, so there are no known side effects of it.
    7. How To Use TAC Hair Mask With Bhringraj and Amla?
      Apply the Bhringamla Hair Mask with Bhringraj and Amla generously on the scalp & hair. Massage it thoroughly and leave it for 30 minutes. For normal to dry hair, wash it off with lukewarm water. Use the sulphate-free shampoo for dry hair.
    8. Is TAC Hair Mask Suitable For All Hair Types?
      Yes, Bhringamla Hair Mask is suitable for all hair types.
    9. How Much Quantity of TAC Hair Mask should I use?
      The quantity to be used depends on the length of your hair. You can increase or decrease the quantity of the mask, accordingly.
    10. How many times a week should I use TAC hair mask?
      How frequently you use your TAC hair mask will also depend on your hair type and what you believe your hair requires - severely dry or coarse hair types may want to mask twice a week, while fine hair types may just need one mask session each week.

    About Us

    In a world full of extremities – brands claiming all Ayurveda on one hand & Derma on the other, TAC aims to achieve the right balance of sustainable and effective Beauty & Wellness. It appreciates the legacy of Ayurveda without negating the advancements modern science has made. Product formulations arrived out of rare & ancient herbs like Methi & Bhringraj are combined with state of the art solutions like Natural Keratin to make Ayurveda relevant and suited to the modern-day – formulations that are effective, fuss-free & great to experience.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Maitreyee Pal
    Good product

    Makes hair smooth n tingle free

    Mohd.Asif Anjali

    Makes hair shiny and greasy a bit.Good for detangling.

    Sidarth Ratan

    The butter helps tame flyaway hair and is fragrance free.

    Beeti Gourav

    I really liked the product as it helped in reducing the frizziness in my hair.

    Sujeet Monika

    I love it.. I applied to my hair before bath.. After bath, the hair was soft and bouncy.. Loving all TAC products

    Methi Bhringraj Amla Hair Mask
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