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Methi Bhringraj oil for Hair Growth with Natural Keratin For Frizzy Hair, 150ml
Experience the divine care for your hair with this all-new Ayurvedic Methi Bhringraj Amla Oil which not just helps in stimulating growth of hair but also has the ability to reduce premature pigment loss from hair and hair greying. Ayurvedic...
₹ 595.00 ₹ 386.75
Methi Shampoo with Bhringraj and Natural Keratin for Hair Growth and Frizzy Hair, 250ml
Explore the original Ayurveda natural ingredients in this Methi Bhringraj Shampoo made especially for dry and damaged hair with properties of nourishing and giving a smoothened look to your hair. This shampoo has been made to cleanse hair particles thoroughly....
₹ 595.00 ₹ 386.75
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Red Onion with Black Seed & Biotin Hair Oil for Hairfall Control
Nourish your hair & scalp with the goodness of Red Onion, Black Seed & plant-derived Biotin (Vitamin B7). Regular use makes your hair thick, healthy & glossy and helps hair growth. Sulphur & potassium-rich Red Onion arrests hair fall, plant-derived...
₹ 399.00 ₹ 199.50
Methi Bhringraj Hair Growth Mask with Natural Keratin For Frizzy Hair, 200gm
The divine care for your hair with this all-new Ayurvedic Methi Bhringraj Amla Mask that not just helps in stimulating growth of hair but also has capacities to act as a natural deodorant giving a soft smell and removing dry...
₹ 795.00 ₹ 516.75
Red Onion with Black Seed & Niacinamide Hair Shampoo for Hairfall Control
Help control hair fall and add shine & strength to limp hair with enriching Niacinamide & Black Seed in this Cleanser. Red Onion helps manage hair fall by repairing the roots while plant-derived Niacinamide improves hair strength and volume. Powered...
₹ 449.00 ₹ 224.50
Red Onion Oil and Shampoo Hair Fall Control Combo
₹ 848.00 ₹ 424.00
Red Onion Oil and Shampoo Hair Fall Control Combo
Nourish your hair and add shine and strength with this oil and shampoo combo filled with goodness of Red Onion, Black Seed, Niacinamide and Plant-Derived Biotin. The non-sticky, deeply penetrating and quick absorbing formula in the oil helps provide shine...
₹ 848.00 ₹ 424.00
Red Onion with Black Seed & Niacinamide Hair Conditioner for Hairfall Control
Minimise hair fall due to frizz, breakage and weak hair with Red Onion, Black Seed & plant-derived Niacinamide Conditioner. It reloads nutrients into the strands for volume, gloss & smoothness. Niacinamide rebuilds hair protein for strength and restores overall health....
₹ 449.00 ₹ 224.50
Methi Bhringraj Hair Growth Oil(150ml) & Shampoo(250ml) with Natural Keratin For Frizzy Hair
Our hair is made with Keratin- a kind of protein that constitutes the development of hair strands and builds its health. With Methi, Bhringraj & Hydrolysed Keratin, this Haircare kit helps repair the damage and get your healthy & nourished...
₹ 1,190.00 ₹ 595.00
Methi Bhringraj Hair Growth Shampoo(250ml) & Mask(200gm) with Natural Keratin For Frizzy Hair
Bio-Keratin fortified Methi, Bhringraj & Amla intense hair care combo works on the outer layer of hair shafts by creating a shield with naturally derived Keratin. This protein is present in the hair follicles. Daily pollution, overheating and prolonged sun...
₹ 1,390.00 ₹ 899.00
Red Onion with Black Seed & Niacinamide Hair Mask for Hairfall Control
Say Hello to nourished, moisturised & healthy locks and Goodbye to dry, brittle and weak tresses with TAC Onion Hair Mask. Quench the thirsty mane with the ultimate treatment of plant-derived Niacinamide that nourishes and softens your hair and gives...
₹ 595.00 ₹ 297.50
Red Onion Shampoo and Conditioner Hair Fall Control Combo
Minimize hair fall due to frizz, breakage and weak hair with Red Onion, Black Seed & plant-derived Niacinamide Conditioner. It reloads nutrients into the strands for volume, gloss & smoothness. The shampoo cleanses your hair without over-drying to make your...
₹ 898.00 ₹ 449.00
Miraculous Haircare Treatment for Damaged Hair
₹ 1,985.00 ₹ 1,191.00
Miraculous Haircare Treatment for Damaged Hair
For a complete damage reversal, use Methi, Bhringraj, Amla complete hair care recovery kit. It repairs the damage and gives you strong, healthy and nourished hair. Daily pollution, overheating and prolonged sun exposure can make your hair dull, damaged and...
₹ 1,985.00 ₹ 1,191.00
Combo Of Onion Hair Oil 100ml + Onion Hair Conditioner 200ml + Onion Shampoo 200ml For Hair Fall Control, Hair Growth & Strengthening
CLEANSE & CONDITION: TAC's Red Onion and Black Seed with Niacinamide Range repairs the hair, provides shine without stealing away the moisture or over-drying and shield them with intense nourishment. PROVIDE STRENGTH TO THE ROOTS: With the power of Niacinamide...
₹ 1,237.00 ₹ 615.00
Red Onion Hair Mask and Shampoo Hair Fall Control Combo
Nourish and moisturize your beautiful hair with with this Onion Mask and Shampoo combo. The hair mask gives your hair a smooth texture and hydration. The shampoo helps in strengthening your hair and making them more robust. This combo, powered...
₹ 1,044.00 ₹ 522.00

TAC - Hair Care

We often focus on healing our skin and leaving the unguarded hair aside. But nowadays, Haircare is also getting the much needed attention with the introduction of Ayurvedic, herbal, organic hair care products. Like other parts of our body, hair is also vulnerable to the sun, toxic ingredients and chemicals. They reveal the damage done to it through hair fall, breakage, dandruff and signs of greying. Beautiful hair has been prized throughout history, and the ancient Indian texts depict ayurvedic hair care for luxurious tresses. For ages, Ayurvedic doctors and physicians have prescribed organic bhringraj amla hair oil and amla hair mask for long and strong hair. The concoction of herbs like Brahmi, Bhringraj, Amla, Methi, and more infused in organic hair care products in India was considered essential for your dry & frizzy hair. With erratic weather, artificial heat and the use of chemical infused products, your hair is calling for constant pampering and shielding from future mishaps. It's a myth that only oiling your hair would solve all your problems. The indulgent hair care routine including therapeutic bhringraj amla hair oil, hair care shampoo and nourishing hair mask can protect your hair from dandruff, split ends, and breakage.
If the hair fall isn't due to genetic or medical conditions, then it must be related to the hair products you are using on your scalp. Other than that, over styling and nutrient deficiencies prohibit desirable hair growth and hinder hair care routine. Inspired by opulent rituals, TAC's science backed ayurvedic formulations in the haircare range including easy to use & highly beneficial Hair care oil and hair care shampoo endeavour nourishing and healthy hair. The cycle of your hair growth changes through time. Once silky and shiny, hair can feel rough and lacklustre after some time. This means that it's probably time to revamp your hair care routine. 
At The Ayurveda Company, the natural hair care products are curated with love & compassion that adheres to the highest standards of purity, authenticity, and quality standards. The amalgamation of herbs, roots and flowers soaked in therapeutic oils relieves all your hair troubles, including dry & frizzy hair. Tapping into the ancient Ayurvedic remedies, we offer Hair Care products, including enriching Bhringraj amla hair mask, replenishing hair care shampoo or rinsers and nourishing Bhringraj amla hair oil. Replace the synthetic shampoos and lifeless masks with a gourmet feast of refreshing and hydrating organic hair care essentials.

Why is Vegan & Organic Hair Care important?

Hair reflects on the stress as quickly as the skin. Stress, overuse of heating products, sun exposure and environmental damage can cause hair fall, brittle and split-ends.  Synthetic, paraben & SLS laden hair care products usually give results in the first wash but lead to weak roots and thinning of the hair after regular usage.  Vegan Hair Care ritual is a refined version of Ayurvedic Hair Care therapy. TAC Hair Care products are cruelty-free and are curated with the absence of animal-derived products. The substitution of animal products with plant-based products enriches Natural hair care products, with potent nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Our Best Selling Ayurvedic Hair Care

Methi Bhringraj Amla Hair Rinser: This sulfate-free hair care shampoo is the stuff of your dreams. The nourishing rinser hydrates dry & frizzy hair without weighing it down, and you'll love the herbs—and all-natural—soothing aroma.

Methi Bhringraj Amla Hair Mask: The infusion of methi & amla works to enhance coloured hair and correct brassiness. This antioxidant-rich formula will fit right into your ayurvedic hair care treatment.

Methi Bhringraj Amla Hair Oil: Not only this amalgamation of therapeutic ingredients is 100% natural and organic, but it also strengthens and deeply nourishes hair strands. Made with methi, Bhringraj and amla, this hair care oil has antibacterial and hydrating properties to keep a sensitive scalp clean and calm.

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