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10% Natural Niacinamide & 1% Yashtimadhu (Natural Zinc) Face Toner For Acne Marks, 100ml
Reduce acne & spots with this Niacinamide, Triphala & Yashtimadhu Face Toner - a mighty blend of Science & Ayurveda. It balances excessive sebum secretion, inflammation & open pores. With regular use, get visibly tight & supple skin with reduced...
₹ 395.00 ₹ 197.50
2% Natural AHA BHA, 1% Natural Salicylic Acid Skin Peeling Facial Toner, 100ml
Unleash toned & radiant skin with Potato Starch, Tomato Extracts & plant-derived AHA & BHA Face Toner. It works by gently removing the dead skin cells, promoting elasticity & gentle exfoliation. Regular use renders dewy skin by deeply cleansing clogged...
₹ 395.00 ₹ 197.50
2% Natural AHA BHA, 1% Natural Salicylic Acid Skin Peeling Facial Serum, 30ml
Potato Starch & Tomato Extracts with plant-derived AHA & BHA Serum unleash radiant & dewy skin underneath by gently removing the dead skin cells on the top layer. Regular use hydrates, promotes elasticity & provides gentle exfoliation. It also heals...
₹ 649.00 ₹ 324.50
Hydrating Rose Water for Natural Face Glow, Skin Cleansing & Dryness with Natural Oils, 100ml
Embrace the simplicity & efficacy of Ayurveda with this steam distilled Pure Indian Rose Water. Made with fresh & carefully selected rose petals, it works as a toner, face freshener and base for face packs. Regular use Rose Water:- Gives...
₹ 349.00 ₹ 226.85
2% AHA BHA Skin Peeling Serum(30ml) : Natural Salicylic Acid Toner(100ml)
Try the science of skin peeling with all-natural & gentle exfoliants of Tomato extracts & Potato starch with naturally extracted AHA & BHA. Physical exfoliators have coarse particles that can break the protective skin layers. AHA and BHA work as...
₹ 1,044.00 ₹ 678.60
Moisturizing Jasmine Water for Healthy Glowing Skin, Cleansing & Dryness with Natural Oils, 100ml
Invite the mystic radiance of Temple Jasmines bottled in this pure & potent Jasmine (Bela) Water. Made with fresh Jasmine flowers from Kannauj, it is a miraculous skin balancing elixir. Regular use of Jasmine Water: Naturally Moisturizes & Prevents Dryness...
₹ 349.00 ₹ 226.85
Brightening Day Cream,50ml : 10% Niacinamide Face Serum & Face Toner For Acne Marks Combo
Keep your skin healthy & happy with this skin illuminating trio. Our Niacinamide Serum & Toner soothe inflammations & retexturise skin. The naturally derived formula with natural Yashtimadhu and Triphala maintains the sebum production and shrinks open pores. Follow with...
₹ 1,739.00 ₹ 1,130.35

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