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Methi Shampoo with Bhringraj and Natural Keratin for Hair Growth and Frizzy Hair, 250ml
Explore the original Ayurveda natural ingredients in this Methi Bhringraj Shampoo made especially for dry and damaged hair with properties of nourishing and giving a smoothened look to your hair. This shampoo has been made to cleanse hair particles thoroughly....
₹ 595.00 ₹ 386.75
Red Onion with Black Seed & Niacinamide Hair Shampoo for Hairfall Control
Help control hair fall and add shine & strength to limp hair with enriching Niacinamide & Black Seed in this Cleanser. Red Onion helps manage hair fall by repairing the roots while plant-derived Niacinamide improves hair strength and volume. Powered...
₹ 449.00 ₹ 224.50
Red Onion with Black Seed & Niacinamide Hair Conditioner for Hairfall Control
Minimise hair fall due to frizz, breakage and weak hair with Red Onion, Black Seed & plant-derived Niacinamide Conditioner. It reloads nutrients into the strands for volume, gloss & smoothness. Niacinamide rebuilds hair protein for strength and restores overall health....
₹ 449.00 ₹ 224.50

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