• Benefits of Beetroot for your skin

    Benefits of Beetroot for your skin
    Beetroot is often a major part of our healthy diets and salad, though it is not so yummy in taste but has immense benefits when it comes to our skin and overall health. Beetroot is also known as blood turnips. They are rich in Vitamin C that can be consumed or applied to your skin. As we know, Vitamin C is an amazing ingredient...
  • How to Reduce Dark Circles

    How to Reduce Dark Circles
    "The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter."-Marcus Tullius Cicero Eyes are the most loquacious part of the body, it gives away all your secrets, problems and emotions. Precisely for that reason, we need to give extra attention to the thin, delicate area surrounding the eyes. It's an open door to expose the early signs of ageing. The...
  • Potato Starch: Uses for Skin & Haircare

    Potato Starch: Uses for Skin & Haircare
    Home remedies and inexpensive kitchen ingredients have observed a significant boost in their popularity as a part of essential skin and hair care rituals. Cucumber, Honey and Turmeric milk are perhaps some of the more commonly heard kitchen ingredients that have been making our lives easier for several years now. One such kitchen ingredient that has taken the beauty and natural skincare arena by...
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