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Kesha, the Sanskrit word for hair, is a by-product of the Asthi Dhatu, the Calcium & Protein aspect of the body. Whenever our body undergoes any external, internal or environmental stressors, it affects our overall functioning, and this causes an imbalance of Tridoshas. Many factors can trigger hair issues such as hair loss, hair breakage or fall, dryness, dullness and graying. Even factors like seasonal changes, overtly spicy, sour, fermented, salty and preservative-laden food may trigger hair fall. Therefore, Ayurveda’s holistic approach to hair care comes in handy to tackle this concern.

During Monsoons, the climatic conditions such as hot & humid weather trigger oily scalp and frizzy hair. Also, the damp scalp is breeding ground for hair fall & dandruff. To achieve healthy hair, one must focus on having a healthy Diet, Lifestyle and consistent Ayurvedic Haircare regime. Keshya Herbs are specialised Ayurvedic herbs which help boost hair growth and healthy scalp and prevent hair fall. Some essential Ayurvedic herbs for hair are Bhringraj, Shikakai, Sesame, Coconut, Amla & Methi. Ensure to incorporate these herbs in your haircare regime and identify products which contain these.

Self care is an integral part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, where Shiroabhyangam is a head massage ritual that helps take care of the hair, relaxes the mind and body and ensures nourishment to the scalp. For this, take a Kansa bowl & warm Methi & Amla Hair oil using the double boiler method, which helps activate the herbs and deeper penetration of oil in the hair follicles. Apply the oil by sectioning your hair and then massage the scalp with kneading fingers movements to boost blood circulation and relax the scalp. Leave this oil on for at least 45 mins before hair washing with a sulphate & paraben-free Shampoo. Also, indulge yourself in a DIY Hair mask from your kitchen, for thick and healthy hair, mix ½ cup of aloe vera gel with 1 tbsp of castor oil and apply it to your scalp, leave overnight and wash off the following day. You can also use the pulp of fresh hibiscus leaves, crushed Methi seeds, apply for 15-20 mins, and do hair wash as usual. You can also incorporate the Methi & Amla Hair Mask with the goodness of hair repairing ingredients for an easy hair spa at home. For tackling scalp woes like dandruff and seasonal infection, make an infusion with Neem leaves and strain this water, use this as the last rinse in your hair wash.

Monsoon Haircare products

To protect hair, we must ensure a balance of tridoshas in our body, as any external or internal triggers stimulate hair fall.

Here are a few hair care tips mentioned in Ayurvedic texts:

  1. Never wash your hair with hot water, cold or normal temperature water is recommended to ensure the hair has healthy and strong hair roots.
  2. Try to avoid the use of heat appliances for drying or styling the hair. Always best to allow the hair to dry naturally.
  3. Never comb the hair when wet, as they are at the weakest during this time. Instead, wait until dry and then use a wooden comb to detangle as it reduces the static and distributes the oil secreted equally.
  4. Always oil your hair before head bath with an Ayurvedic Hair oil.
  5. Keep your scalp clean and healthy by washing hair with anti-bacterial herbal infusions.

Next time you switch your hair care products, make sure to incorporate these Ayurvedic herbs like Methi, Amla, Bhringaraj, Jatamansi, Shikakai, Japakusuma and Ratanjyot. Always choose sulphate & paraben-free shampoos, as they are gentle on the hair and kinder on the environment, make sure to incorporate a nourishing hair mask that repairs, hydrates, and removes the fizziness, and the most crucial aspect is to ensure regular hair oiling.
Choose a suitable hair oil infused with herbs, and according to your hair & scalp concerns, decide the duration for oiling. If you have a dry & thirsty scalp, then use overnight, if you have an oily scalp, leave the oil on for only 30 mins and if you have dandruff, infection or eruptions, then first treat that before resuming hair oiling. Make sure to indulge in a relaxing haircare ritual from time to time and reap all its therapeutic benefits.

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