Why Do Men Need Lip Scrub? | Lip Scrubs for Dark Lips

Why Do Men Need Lip Scrub? | Lip Scrubs for Dark Lips

If a pie chart for "Who takes care of their skin and hair, meticulously?", it can be noticed that lesser percentage of men in comparison of women actually take care of their skin & hair, and lips might not even be in the consideration. With the shift in seasons, it is necessary to keep the lips hydrated & moisturized. Having chapped and dry lips generate cracks and sometimes can cause bleeding  through them. This can be eliminated by using the best lip care products, one of them is Lip Scrub.

What is a Lip Scrub?

Lip scrub constitutes two elements: an exfoliating agent and a moisturizing agent. Out of both, the exfoliator plays a primary role in lip care. But what does a scrub or an exfoliator do? Exfoliate meaning, exfoliation, something that helps in removing the dead, dry cells from the skin and allows new cells to grow. 

Lifestyle Asia featured The Ayurveda Co.'s Beetroot Lip Scrub as one of the 7 Ayurvedic products that are perfect for modern millennials.

Why do we need a Lip Scrub?

It is essential to exfoliate and moisturize lips to maintain smoothness. As the skin of your lips are very delicate and sensitive, and also constitutes as one of the most attractive features of the face. Applying lip scrub once or twice a week is always recommended for healthier lips. 

In simpler words, these lip scrubs act as cleansing agents for our lips. They help in transforming the overall look of the lips. Hence including lip scrub in skincare routine is essential. 

Source: http://sondangmaylani.blogspot.com/2017/06/how-to-overcome-dry-lips-and-broken.html 

As much as our skin, our lips need care too. It is not about being makeup-philic rather enhancing the natural glow on the lips. Often, we notice that the colour of the lips becomes darker as a result of pollution, dryness or smoking. Lip scrub for dark lips should constitute natural ingredients like Vitamin C to lighten the colour and heal the skin. Vitamin C, E enriched lip scrub for men induces hydrated lips, retaining moisture. It removes the dead skin on the lips, maintaining the juicy lush on our lips. Such lip-lightening scrubs also help in reducing pigmentation.  

As stated by Style and Grooming Consultant from HT, Dead & Dry Skin Removal Vitamin C & E Lip Scrub by The Ayurveda Co. (TAC) has been chosen by male models as the best lip scrub for men, under the “ Men’s Style and Grooming ” domain.  

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Lip Scrub for Men; Is it similar to lipstick or lip balm? 

Lip scrub is part of the overall lip care routine; which includes lip balm and lipstick, but it does not serve the same purpose. Among the many Lip scrubs benefits, they also help in lightening the pigmentation, brightening and reversing the dryness. Lip Scrubs help in keeping the lips  healthier so that the lipstick and lip balm work effectively. 

Lip Scrub for Men: What ingredients make it best?

Source of vitamin c lemon and orange

Source: https://www.daringgourmet.com

Orange: Source of Vitamin C 

Having orange as the prime ingredient helps in removing the dead cells on the lips. It minimizes the effect of dark patches on the lip. Using a Vitamin C Lip Scrub helps in depigmenting the lips and brighten them. Beetroot is also a rich source of Vitamin C and included in Lip Scrubs. Beetroot Lip Scrub enriches the lips with moisturization for supple look while exfoliating them.

Cane Sugar

Cane Sugar serves as a mild exfoliator to your lips. It helps in making our lips soft and provides overall nourishment to the lips. 


A source of Vitamin C, lemon acts as a lightening agent that enhances the lip colour naturally. It is included in Lip scrubs for dark lips.

Candelilla Wax 

Considered the best substitute for chemical-based emollients, Candelilla wax helps in monitoring and provides a soothing effect. 

 How to use a Lip Scrub? 

There is no elaborative procedure in using lip scrubs. First, moisten the lips with water and apply a generous amount of the lip scrub gently on the lips. With your finger, exfoliate in back and forth & circular motions very gently for 30-40 seconds and rinse off with clear water. 

Tips to maintain Healthy Lips 

Apart from lip scrub, routine self-care for your lips would always be effective; some of those methods are: 

Consume more water 

Being dehydrated is one of the concerns that causes multiple troubles in our bodies. It affects the glow on our skin, lips, and prominent features of our face. Hence, consuming more water helps in your lip care routine.  

Eliminate junk consumption 

When we consume junk food, it disturbs the overall fluid equilibrium of our body. It dries up your skin frequently, leaving it dehydrated and chapped. Start taking Vitamin C-based fruits; it strengthens your immunity as well.  

Use Natural-ingredient based Lip Balm 

Apply organic lip balm regularly to keep your lips moisturized and retains the softness. Use Natural Lip Balms that have organic ingredients that minimize irritation.

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