Holi in Pushkar & Vrindavan – A surreal experience!

Holi in Pushkar & Vrindavan – A surreal experience!

The Coronavirus Pandemic, has changed a lot of things for us since its arrival, last year. People have been confined to their houses, have not really socialized, and been afraid for so many reasons. Festivities in India have always been a great occasion to bring everyone together.

But now, it's time to ease out and move out from the locked doors with full protection and precautions. With the celebration of Holi around the corner, the excitement is about to celebrate with our loved ones with colors. But are you still thinking about that social event, where you're going to celebrate it more conventionally? Who would miss the grand way, the wild way of celebrating the festival of brotherhood and victory of good over evil? Then you need to pack your bags and hit your car for Pushkar and Vrindavan Holi

Pushkar Holi

Pushkar is located in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan, a state in the Northern part of India. Breathing Historical importance and a good source of tourism, Holi is celebrated in a grand pompous way here. It is like the grandest event of the year witnessing over 1 million people celebrating Holi.

Holi Celebration Across IndiaHoli Celebration Across India
Source: https://allevents.in

The entire town gets crowded with tourists and painted with colors. You can pass from one lane to another and get your body shaded color-wise throughout the walk. Every spot has its party with delicious desserts and bhang. If you are looking after alcohol., you may have to feel sorry. Because instead of that, you may get hugged with loud music, people dancing crazily and with the colors in the air. The entire celebration starts at 10 in the morning and continues till 5 PM.

But hey, with so much explained, and observed about Pushkar, is it safe for travelers specifically women to attend? Definitely, yes. Because of such a crowd from different countries, the state takes serious steps in allocating special forces, security guards, and volunteers who make sure that nothing goes into a ruckus. They make sure that everything stays intact and healthy and the joy and spirit of the festival are restored. Any kind of miscreant behavior or rave alcoholic behavior will not be treated lightly and strict action will be taken.

All you have got to do is to get your travel plans sorted as early as possible. Already most of the places to stay would have gotten filled by the international tourists. Considering the COVID-19 fear, make sure about the availability and crowd. Get yourself tested before you enter the town. And avoiding the use of harmful oxide-based colors, Use Natural Colors for Holi, this year.

Vrindavan-Mathura Holi

Latth Maar Holi celebrated at VrindavanLatth Maar Holi celebrated at Vrindavan
Source: http://traveltwosome.com/holi-in-vrindavan-2020-itinerary/

If you want to taste the real excitement of Vrindavan, Mathura Holi, you must reach Barsana first and then head towards the formerly mentioned towns. But why Barsana? Holi is a pious festival celebrating the relationship of Lord Krishna and Radha. Being in the town of Barsana would instill the beautiful vibes of their stories. Following the tradition, the men in the town throw colors on the women playfully and the women use sticks also called latth, and hit them. And that’s how the celebration begins. It is called Lathmar Holi.

Breaking the old rooted traditions, there is another significant ritual of Widow’s playing Holi. At the Widow Ashram. The widows celebrate Holi, breaking the old custom of having colorless lives.

At both Vrindavan and Mathura, you will find the religious practice of Holika Dahan and Dhulandi Holi Being celebrated. In Holi Dahan, a large pyre is been set up signifying the end of evil. And people chant mantras around it.

There is no issue with staying at Pushkar and Vrindavan. You can find local guesthouses and resorts, hotels around the place. Speaking of food, there will be a wide range of delicacies and sweets to munch while playing Holi. And this year considering the minimal usage of artificial colors, use Organic colors for Holi.

Let this Holi be the first and foremost beautiful memory of the year!

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